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Somatic Sex Education

“Somatic sex education provides an arena in which people receiving touch can stay safe and focused. They are encouraged to breathe into body sensation and decide, moment to moment, what their body wants. Body-based exercises and experiences help people unwind trauma from their cells.” – Caffyn Jesse


As a somatic (body-based) educator, I teach through body-based experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken your sensual self.  In a safe, non-judgmental space, you can explore your personal desires, practice asking for what you want, and (re)connect to and expand your body's sensations and pleasure. 


Each session starts with a check in and transition from hectic time to the safe container of the session.  Your sessions can include somatic practices such as breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, the anatomy of pleasure, sensate focus, massage, and other body-based teaching, to provide loving, compassionate support of your intentions.  These science-based embodied practices address trauma, support healing, and increase what is possible for you erotically.


Touch can be involved if it aligns with what we are working on together, but it is not a guarantee or requirement.  I touch in ways that support you in developing presence within your body, opening interior awareness, and learning how your body can feel more and more alive.


Savoring and integration are part of each session.   We'll talk about practices and resources you can use at home (homeplay), to support you in your desires and intentions.​


NeuroAffective Touch

Do you struggle to find words to describe how you feel, yet know you're stuck, unable to identify and express your needs, and have a hard time staying centered and calm?  


NeuroAffective Touch addresses early emotional and attachment deficits through a collaborative partnership with the mind and body.

It is a valuable tool that speaks the language of the body, yet invites the mind as an active partner. It uses direct contact with the skin and connective tissues and brings focus to the body’s many systems. Facilitating access to feelings through body-mind-heart conversations, it supports self-regulation and the felt-sense of self that leads to fulfilling connection with self and others. 

NAT practices are a gentle, safe way to begin working with me, to help release holding patterns that go back to early life experiences.   They can be part of a session or series of sessions that also includes somatic sex education and pleasure-focused practices.  


Hypnosis is a powerful tool for calming anxiety, releasing shame, changing habits that aren't serving you, and increasing your capacity to experience pleasure.  In trance, you can rehearse what you want to and experience physiological changes in your body. And it feels wonderful!    


Hypnosis can be a powerful complement to body-based sessions.  Contrary to some myths, you are always safe and in control, and everything that happens in hypnotic trance is for your benefit.  


The mind is your most powerful organ.  It can be the source of the most amazing, intimate and earth shaking experiences, and the source of many problems. Stress and anxiety can cause all kinds of issues - personally, professionally, in the bedroom, and in communicating and relating in general.

The brain does not distinguish between what's imagined and real.  This is good, and it's part of the reason that hypnosis can help you release mental blocks, overcome past trauma, change unhelpful beliefs, and make friends with your body and your sexuality.


Professional Cuddling

Are you longing for authentic connection?

I understand how these uncertain times can be intense and I'm here to help. Whether you need to talk, burrow into a cozy nest or simply bask in the presence of kindness, it’s a safe bet that you’re overdue for some tender loving care.

Touch is the only one of our five senses that is absolutely necessary for survival.  Cuddle sessions offer platonic touch with clear boundaries and mutual consent.

Cuddle sessions offer authentic human contact, the positive feeling of mutually satisfying closeness.   Human beings have a deep yearning to connect with other human beings in a meaningful way.    We all have a  need for touch that goes way beyond what is available in our pressured, hurried society.   

Experience the intimacy created with healthy boundaries, consent and clear communication. See and be seen by another.   Feel the warmth of acceptance,  relaxation and joy.

Healing Touch

As a Student of Healing Touch, an energy healing therapy, I am being trained in using my hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing. 

During your session, I will offer you Healing Touch with the intention that you receive exactly what you need.  At times, I may gently place my hands on or above your body to assess your energy field, noting any sensations or imbalances.   With your permission, I might occasionally use a Healing Touch technique appropriate for your needs.  This may include light physical touch, sweeping hand motion above your body, or an "interview" with your body.  You are likely to feel deeply relaxed. 


People have different responses to Healing Touch: some feel nothing; others describe sensations of moving energy, deep relaxation, feelings of being supported and nurtured, or visions of images and colors.  Some experience an emotional release such as tears, or what they describe as a spiritual experience or gain insight into specific areas of their life.

Receiving Healing Touch is a gentle, supportive part of any session with me.

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