Quiet the mind.   Feel into deep presence.   Heal and release.   Expand your capacity for pleasure.


Your journey starts with your intentions:  What do you desire?  What would you like to shift?  To release?  How would you like to feel in your body?  I provide a safe, welcoming place to to assist you in exploring your desires and intentions and asking for what you want, and support you in (re)connecting to your body's sensations and pleasure.  

Sessions - whether in person or online - offer you a space for bringing attention and care to your whole self.    Based on your intentions, our work together will unfold. Your body will be our primary place of contact, and we will tune in to your inner experience and sensations with curiosity and care.  Working in this way allows for shifting of patterns and releasing of long-held trauma and constriction in the body.  

I help to recognize and support releasing shame, judgmental attitudes, and misinformation from cultural, societal and media messages about pleasure and sexuality.  In everything that I offer, your safety and consent are paramount, and pleasure is seen as a healing resource.   

Very often, clients will start with a couple online sessions to learn embodiment and communication skills, to prepare to fully receive the many benefits of a body-based session.


What to Expect:  We have a complimentary chat to talk about what's going on for you and what you are looking for. In our first session (90 minutes online, 2 hours in person), we’ll spend some time during the first part of your session talking about whatever you’d like to share about your sexual and relationship history, your health, your intentions for the session, and we’ll talk about and practice body-based tools (e.g. breath, sound, movement, imagination and touch) to support your intentions and help increase your capacity for pleasure. I will also share some of the science about why these tools are so beneficial in various ways, if you like.  


The rest of the first session (usually about an hour for in person sessions) is focused on body-based experiences (e.g. cuddling/holding/massage/hands on practices for noticing what's going on in your body) which support your intentions and feel safe in your body.  All touch is at your request, and for your education and benefit.  Consent and safety are paramount.   There is time at the end for savoring and integration - this is actually a super important part of the session.   We'll talk about practices and resources you can use at home (homeplay), to support you in your desires and intentions.​

What I offer is grounded in my certifications in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork, both trauma-informed, body-based modalities.  My studies and life experience in Healing Touch/energy medicine, professional Cuddling, Hypnosis, Tantra, NeuroAffective Touch, kink/BDSM, and music profoundly influence my work, and you can design your journey with me to include any or all of them.   You can read more about some of these on the modalities page.

Session rates:

There's a lot going on right now, and grounding, relaxing and receiving pleasure are more important than ever!  This is a great time to thoroughly relax, become deeply embodied, and savor pleasure.   

  • Online $180/90 minutes.

  • In-person $200/hour.   

  • Personal retreats and embodiment coaching packages (see below for how the possibilities and benefits of somatic work increase with time and regular attention):  6 hours for $1000, 12 hours for $1800 (prepay in full, use these anytime.   After your first 2-hour session, package hours can be combined for shorter or longer sessions, or a personal retreat over a couple days)

  • I am happy to offer a payment plan, and a limited number of need-based sliding-scale sessions.


Questions?   Check out the FAQs page, or set up a complimentary zoom call to talk about what you want and feel into whether I'm a good fit for you.    

Photo by Barry Carl

Image by Håkon Grimstad

Personal retreats and embodiment coaching packages

Focusing on your pleasure and healing over a series of sessions, or longer personal retreats, is the ideal way to experience truly transformative growth.   It can change your life!  


Create your own transformative journey, which may include a series of online or in-person coaching sessions, complemented by multiple body-based sessions or extended personal retreats.   A personal retreat includes a series of sessions over a couple days or weekend, with space and time in between for savoring and integration.  


Move at the pace of your body ..... explore the deeper needs and issues behind what's holding you back .... release what you no longer need .... identify and reach for what you long for.   Possibilities include: 


  • Creating safety around sex and intimacy.

  • Learn the language of the body - sensation.

  • Releasing shame around body-image, and judgmental attitudes around pleasure and sexuality.

  • Noticing and asking for what you want.

  • Masturbation Coaching. Expand your pleasure practice in ways that will expand your pleasure and improve your partner sex.

  • Noticing your desires and limits.

  • Setting a boundary with compassion and integrity, in ways that deepen intimacy (experiencing a felt sense of setting a boundary).

  • Learning about your pleasure anatomy and arousal cycle, and better understanding those of others.

  • Expressing your authentic sexual self … and building a deeper connection with your partner.

  • Communicating with clarity, integrity and compassion around touch.

  • Increasing your capacity to hear an authentic response (yes, no, maybe, I'm not sure, etc.) and engage in negotiation.

  • Overcoming shyness, lack of experience or a negative body image.

  • Creating choice over if and when to ejaculate.

  • Learning about the prostate gland for pleasure and overall health.

  • BDSM/kink: Exploring conscious power exchange, sensation play, and fantasy play.

  • Building your skills in Erotic Touch


Photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash


Massage for Couples


An extra special experience for you and your beloved!  It brings me great joy to make a contribution to the beauty and wonder that you share.   Each of you will receive a four-handed sensual massage, with my guidance, so that you both experience giving and receiving deep pleasure.   Luxuriate in a hot towel rubdown after each massage.  You are welcome to stay in the space after your 3-hour session, to enjoy private time for cuddling, savoring, and enjoying a delicious snack.

  • Deepen your intimacy.  

  • Learn skills for talking about, offering and receiving touch, and asking for your desires.  


I recommend you set up a free call first, for us to meet, so you can feel into whether it feels right to work with me.    I'm happy to provide snacks and drinks that you find particularly delicious, and to arrange just the kind of music or sound background that would delight you.  

Photo by Felipe Almeida, Unsplash