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Awakening the Hands!

Join Awakening The Hands

Attend from your own home!   Register here to receiving the link.

Thanks for registering.

  • Learn to touch with exquisite feeling & sensitivity!!  

  • Reduce stress.

  • Calm your nervous system.

  • Increase pleasure.

  • Transform the pleasure that you give and receive through touch.  

Join me on Tuesday June 27, 12 noon for a FREE 45 minute demo/practice and explanation of this relaxing, meditative somatic practice.  Bring any object that can fit into you hand, a pillow to place on your lap, and your curiosity.  Get comfie and tune in on Tuesday!   You will feel better afterwards!

I offer the Awakening the Hands practice to all my clients, usually in the first session.   After I learned it from Dr. Betty Martin (, I started using it during my subway commute.  Instead of arriving at my stop totally frazzled, I'd arrive totally Zen!!  It has been a game changer, and I'd like to share it with YOU!

Please sign up below, and I'll send you the link to join.   

Awakening the Hands - FREE online!!   June 27, 12-12:45 pm

Image by Jake Thacker

SeggsCamp is coming up!  July 10-August 18, 2023.  I'm excited to be part of the collaboration of sex-positive educators, kinky professionals and folx whose passion is for building intimacy in all of it's erotic juicy aliveness. .... AND I have a discount code for you!   Register with the code Imwithmelody to receive $69 off!  This is a wonderful, playful opportunity to support your sexuality, your relationships and intimacy -- It’s a virtual workshop for Seggs-positivity, seggs-ploration and intimacy building for singles, couples, triads, polycules. Adults Only.


SeggsCamp runs online from July 10-August 18. Each week there will be a engaging presentations, juicy resources and nuggets you can use to create more pleasure and intimacy in your life.


I will be speaking about creating sexy consent and safety and sharing on two panels: one for folks doing bodywork, and the other a panel of kinksters - so if you’ve been curious about hands-on seggs-ual healing and education, or about BDSM, this is a wonderful place to learn and have your questions answered.  


When you register for SeggsCamp (, you'll also have the opportunity to book sessions with me at a discounted rate. The VIP camper rate includes three online coaching sessions with me or any of the Camp Coaches (along with swag, and other surprise bonuses). I’m also offering SeggsCampers $100 off an in-person session with me.

If you have been wanting to live a more turned-on life, give yourself a boost at Seggscamp!!! I would love to see you there!

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