Inspiring and Useful Resources

Wheel of Consent - - Betty is an educator who is greatly influencing the field of somatic sex education with her work around consent and touch.  She has generously offered free materials around consent on her website. Check it out! Caffyn is an extraordinary somatic sex educator, and one of my teachers.   Their website offers information, as well as the free downloadable e-book “Elements of Intimacy,” and various videos.

The Gender Book -    A fun, colorful book that illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender.   Free download available!!   The idea for the the GENDER book was to have a fun, educational resource, like the Magic Schoolbus of gender. This is awesome!

Trusted Bodywork -  International platform for sex counseling, certified tantra massage and sex coaching.  Jeff Gibson's invaluable, thorough and informative website is chock full of helpful information.

Meditation for Connection and Grounding  Join me in the this meditation, to soothe your nervous system and help you feel centered, grounded and relaxed.   You can do it by yourself or share it with friends over the phone or internet.  (and please join my YouTube channel!)


Self Esteem Building Process:  the daily practice that was instrumental in the building of my self esteem.