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We all take for granted that we can feel touch on our skin, until it is no longer there. Melody taught me to connect the thought of the sensation of touch with the feeling of it. Thank you Melody for the gifts you share!  


Melody is a rare combination of extreme intelligence, a loving, compassionate spirit, and the abilities of a talented, highly trained and informed, nonjudgmental practitioner.  On a scale of 5 stars, I’d give her 10.


The experience far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend giving her a try.  She is incredibly open, a great listener, responsive to your needs, compassionate and nurturing.


More Appreciation ....  

  In my place of utmost vulnerability, trusting my body to you, I felt safe and cared for and that you knew what you were doing. I really loved how often you checked in, how present I felt you were with me, how you made me feel that my healing was your intent and also that you held a piece of it in your possession and you were gifting it to me. In a sense, during the somatic session, I felt you were a hybrid muse, inspiring creativity and comfort into this anxiety-riddled sphere of my life, part gentle whisper that nursed this element of my health back towards strength, part nymphlike caressing my body and sharing this intimacy, and part guide impressing the memory of our shared time together on the timeline of my journey.

  ~~~Jim Fremont

   Melody’s Healing Touch, combined with a Taoist erotic massage session, exceeded my expectations! I went in with the goal of opening up about my sexual practices and learning Taoist techniques. In addition to achieving these goals, Melody unblocked my Chakras and aided in relieving chronic pelvic pain.   Melody was extremely welcoming. Her warm, friendly demeanor made me feel exceptionally comfortable. I knew I could trust her with my secrets.  Melody is incredibly gifted at energy transference. The visceral feeling when she cleared my Chakras was concrete; I felt negative energy leaving and my body opening.  


I have been working with Melody for over a year. My work with her has been so transformational in terms of how I feel about my body and my pleasure. Her sessions have provided me with amazing experiences in a safe and loving container. Melody has a heart of gold. She cares deeply about her clients and their well being. I highly recommend her to any one seeking to expand their pleasure, to connect to their breath and their body in a deep and meaningful way!! – Liza

   My experience with Melody opened me to new connections with myself as a woman. Melody creates a safe and professional space. I felt comfortable sharing my desires for my session with her.  I surely felt the unconditional loving energy from her.  My time with Melody took me to many places. I felt pleasure, healing and left with deep reverence for my body. I am very grateful for Melody seeing me and for taking her time to see all of me.


   I would absolutely love to repeat this experience - it was amazing!   I really appreciated you going through the various types of breathing and helping me understanding the pelvic breathing in particular. It was so impactful for me to be able to have time that was allotted to just receiving and having all attention on me. Often in my life, I am a giver (as many coaches are) and lately, I've been giving a little too much, but I feel like my batteries have been recharged after today. 

   ~~~ Sex Coach Lex

   I just participated in the workshop Pleasure and Presence. Melody was a wonderful facilitator, her calming voice and gentle demeanor made me feel safe and welcome immediately.   Overall it was a great learning experience that helped me to focus on breathing  into my whole body (genitals and ass included) and open myself up to the deep connection between my body and my breath. Learning how to breathe is beneficial to health and I highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn more and connect with their own bodies. I look forward to attending more workshops by Melody in future. 

   ~~~ Queen Layla

   Melody is The Real Deal!  Approachable, non-judgmental, pleasant, nurturing and open-minded, Melody is the the safe space I’ve been searching for to help me with my challenges (e.g. self-love, intimacy, sensuality, pleasure). I am prone to avoidance and resistance to being vulnerable and I am so thankful I kept my initial appointment instead of cancelling out of fear. With Melody, all my preconceived areas of concern never materialized. We did an assortment of different exercises for 2 hours over ZOOM and the time flew by! Melody put me so much at ease that I could have stayed on for another hour or two. Her extensive training in various areas and fantastic listening skills make her an excellent guide. I feel like we are co-collaborators and that’s exactly what I wanted! There is no hierarchy of power. We are equals. Melody followed up our session with an email list of exercises for me to try and insisted I only do whatever feels manageable. No worries about doing anything right or enough or at all. Melody is intelligent, generous and compassionate -- and I am THRILLED I had the courage to let her into my life.

   ~~~ Chris from Canada

   I am so grateful for my time with Melody and the excellent care and attention I received. Melody and I worked together over the course of more than 4 months, using hypnosis to access relaxation, self confidence, and better body image. Melody is an exquisite listener - grounded, caring, & compassionate. I felt beautifully tended to and supported. Most of all I felt such safety in working with Melody. I have struggled in the past with finding practitioners with whom I’ve felt comfortable, and Melody is truly a gem. She offered such presence to meet me where I was at, and simultaneously gently guided me along to allow for exploration and my learning to unfold. I felt no judgement from her - just acceptance and kindness, ready to hold space for whatever I would be bringing to the session & however I was arriving that day. Thank you Melody!

   ~~~ Audrey B

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