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Men's Sexual Health

Hope not Hype

Are issues getting in the way of you really enjoying sex?   Do shame, past trauma, stuck patterns or a lack of self-confidence and self-worth hold you back?   Do you feel more like a jalopy than a hot rod?  


This is for you.  


Common concerns, such as erectile dysfunction, unintended ejaculation, shyness, and shame around sex, can have a dramatic effect on your sex life.  And there is hope!

I'm here to help you achieve vibrant sexual health, and experience more pleasure and joy in your life, so I'm creating an online course for you.  It will bring in the wisdom and approach from my training in somatic sex education, NeuroAffective Touch, Sacred Intimacy ... even genital dearmoring.  It will include things that you can do yourself, with information and guidance on when and how to reach out for support.   

Your sexuality is your life force; it’s vitally important to your well being. Regardless of your age, current state of health, and relationship status, you can find sexual fulfillment and pleasure. I look forward to supporting you in that adventure!

What's in the Course.  

There are three main sections:  things for you to do yourself; information on reaching out for professional support; and resources.


Things You Can Do For Yourself:

Sexuality and sexual issues or blockages such as ED are complex. There are physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive factors, so I’m including information and body-based practices in a wide variety of areas:

  • Understanding your sexual issues and creating a plan:  It’s important to take an clear look at the possible factors affecting your situation, including physiological, lifestyle, psychological, relationship, your life circumstances and stress level, and your skill and confidence in thinking, communicating, and acting in ways that foster arousal and erection.  I'll lead you through that. 

  • Your Lifestyle Choices for eating, drinking, sleep, activities, taking drugs and medications, and more, can impact your sexual health, as can your stress level, and you can make choices that support your well-being.   Some of these choices will surprise you!  

  • Nutritional and Environmental Factors:  We are what we eat, and this is true for sex as as well!   Learn sex-positive nutrition, and find out how your environment can enhance or detract from your sexual enjoyment.

  • Breathing.  We all do it, 24/7, and HOW you breath can enhance or detract from the amount of sensation you feel, and even how your body performs.  I’ll show you breathing techniques to help you connect more fully with your body and feel more deeply.

  • Safety and relaxation play a key role in sexual performance and enjoyment. Relaxation and sensual touch are the foundation for sexual response. The breathing exercises are super helpful for relaxing, and I’ll provide additional tools and practices for helping you relax and calm your nervous system, as well as the muscles and connective tissue in your body.

  • Pleasure expansion.  You are built for pleasure!! Your body is filled with nerve endings and pleasure connections.   I will teach you how to use breath, along with sound, movement, imagination and touch to connect with your whole body’s innate capacity for pleasure.   When you expand and explore sex beyond your genitals, you enter an endless playground filled with pleasure, curiosity, and delight. 

  • Meet your pelvis!  The more you understand your pleasure anatomy, the better!   Your body is amazing, and pretty complex, so we’ll geek out with a bit of anatomy and physiology, with tips for prostate and pelvic health, and speaking of that, we’ll talk about ....

  • Toys!   Cock rings, butt plugs and anal massagers can enhance pleasure and increase pelvic floor and prostate health.  We’ll also touch on kinky toys and turn-ons, because if you’re kinky and don’t know it yet, discovering that could be a game changer!

  • Communication Skills.  Talking about sex can be challenging ... it can also be hot!   In general, discussing boundaries and desires, asking for what you need and want, and asking you partner what they need and want, all create safety and are sexy.  Building your communication competence boosts your sexual confidence.   If you are having problems, you may think it’s your problem and you need to figure it out alone.   Actually the opposite is true!   It works better if you can team up with your partner, and I’ll provide guidance on how to do that.


So there's a lot you can do yourself.   And ... it can be really helpful to work with a sexual wellness or a medical professional, so I’ll include information and guidance around that,

Reaching out for Professional Support:

  • A sexological bodyworker or somatic sex educator provides a safe and non-judgmental space to help you in many ways:  get a felt sense of your body; use body-based tools such as breath, sound, touch and movement, to deeply relax and be present in your body; orient toward pleasure rather than performance during sex; release stuck emotions and negative beliefs and shame that reside in your tissues; support pelvic floor and prostate health with safe, gentle and skillful massage, and using erotic massage to “pleasure map” your whole body.

  • Sometimes it’s necessary to work with medical professionals, such as pelvic floor therapists and urologists, because there can be physiological, anatomical, neurological or hormonal issues that might need to be addressed, or side effects from an illness, an injury, or medication.  I’ll share recommendations on how to prepare to visit a medical professional.

  • Sometimes you get a prescription without detailed information about how to use the drug.  I’ll give you tips for correctly using the blue pill and other drugs to enhance erections, so that they can be a source of support rather than frustration.

  • Other kinds of sexual wellness practitioners can help, such as sex coaches and therapists and hypnotists

And resources!!   I'll share books, articles, websites, etc. for you to check out, if you'd like an even deeper dive.   For now, check out my Free Resources Page!


The format will be online videos, available on YouTube, 5-10 minutes each, for each of of the topics listed above,   For each area, I'll also create downloadable files with descriptions of body-based exercises, as well as invitations to journal and reflect, to support you in exploring the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your sexual journey.  And when I conduct video interviews with experts such as pelvic floor therapists and sex therapists, I'll share these with you too!

Sign up now!

  • There’s going to be a ton of information here!   

  • You don’t have to wait til I launch the course to start creating a better relationship with your body and your sexuality!  I’ll be sharing sneak peeks and free resources as I create the materials, and you can ask questions that you’d like to have addressed in the course!  Please fill out the "Keep me informed" box now to receive these, and be the first to hear when it’s ready.

Keep my informed!

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