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I LOVE this transformative work!!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I LOVE this transformative work!!   It helps me grow and heal from shame, judgment and trauma, toward greater wholeness and happiness. I want to share it with you.

The quality of my life .... well, there's really no comparison. I was living in a prison and didn't even know it. The bars were invisible - negative, critical attitudes about my body, and about what I wasn't supposed to do or want. That pleasure and desires were sinful. I swam in an ocean of fear. It was like I swam in water that was at the outlet of a toxic sewer pipe, but didn't know it. I just thought that's how water was .... I thought those critical, judgmental, shaming thoughts and attitudes were just correct. They were right.

I am learning that water can be radically different if you don't swim near the toxic sewer outlet. It can be nourishing, tasty, clear, and wonderful. And that fears lose their power when I don't focus on them. That 'reality' is what I make it. I'm so grateful that today I'm around people who are more kind, gentle, and accepting, who recognize the tremendous healing and joy that is to be had in pleasure, in celebrating and honoring of our bodies. It feels like a dream come true, like I've left my self imposed prison and am skipping and playing around the playing field of life.

i invite you to join me!

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