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The Art of Erotic Touch


The Art of Erotic Touch for Couples

Facilitated by Melody Joyce
and Barry Carl

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Parallel Lines

Have you ever endured touch that didn't feel good? 

Have you lovingly touched your partner, only to find out later that they didn't really enjoy it?

Parallel Lines

In this workshop we will help you create intimacy, healing, and deeper and safer erotic connections with yourself and your partner(s). We will explore the reasons why sometimes we stay silent when something doesn't feel good, the many misunderstandings about what 'good' touch is and how to give 'good' touch, and the social conditioning that leaves many of us numb, ashamed, and out of touch with ourselves, our bodies and our desires. 


In this program, you will:

  • Discover secrets of skillful erotic touch

  • Uncover your and your partner's turn-ons

  • Learn to give and receive erotic touch

  • Experience real-time demos and hands-on practice

  • Strip away the shame and confusion around asking for what you want and getting it

Workshop 1 (insert date): What makes it so difficult to ask for what we want?
Gender ‘boxes’ about what it means to be a man or a woman and the consequences of straying outside those narrowly defined roles, and the devastating impact these ‘boxes’ have on our ability to notice what we want, value it, and communicate it. Tools for noticing and asking for what you want. 
Workshop 2 (insert date): Talking about touch - creating safety and consent
There is a lot of fear about asking for touch, and what kinds of touch and communication are appropriate – in the last several years, with #MeToo, awareness and visibility has increased about the prevalence of unwanted touch, which has been important, but also left many uncertain and frustrated about how to be.  With the advent of the Corona Virus, so many of us are now touch starved, yet there is intense uncertainty about when (if ever) it will be safe to touch others again.   While we can’t predict that, we can build skills around talking about touch and asking for consent.  We’ll explore the Wheel of Consent, developed by Betty Martin, and practice using the tools she offers to notice our desires and communicate honestly about them.   Part of talking about consent and touch is learning to value, say, and hear all forms of responses, such as: yes; no; maybe; I’m not sure; and I changed my mind. 
Workshop 3 (insert date): Self-Pleasure Practice
It is hard to prioritize self-pleasure and giving time for deep exploration.  So many distractions, so little time, so much pressure to get everything done.  So easy to fall into a rut, rush or use the tried-and-true ways to reach orgasm as quickly and efficiently as possible.  There is another way.   Savoring the journey, rather than being fixated on the destination.  Making pleasure the goal, not just orgasm.  We’ll learn techniques from somatic sex education to feel more embodied and enhance your level of arousal.  Using breath, imagination, touch and curiosity, we’ll blow the doors open on how good it can feel to be you.  You’ll come away with ideas, techniques and tips for exploring many ways to touch, that you can begin to do immediately (even in quarantine) in your own Mindful Erotic Practice.
Workshop 4 (insert date): The Arousal Cycle and Erotic Touch
Responses of different bodies.   Factors promoting and inhibiting turn on.  We’ll talk about the various kinds of turn ons and how people are wired differently (we’ll learn about the Erotic Blueprint).  We’ll explore the elements of erotic touch, and how to use the Wheel of Consent learning to offer and ask for touch.   Live demo. 
BONUS RECORDING: "Why Is It So Hard to Ask for What We Want? (And How to Get Better At It)


Barry Carl (he/him) is a certified sexological bodyworker, somatic sex educator, and somatic therapist. He has been giving workshops since the 80’s, facilitated educational kink events at women’s erotic retreats around the world, and taught somatic psychotherapy globally as well.

Melody Joyce (she/her) is a certified sexological bodyworker, somatic sex educator, and long-time kinkster and facilitator.  She uses hands-on learning and wisdom, integrated with energy medicine and hypnosis, to help people lead more pleasure-filled lives. 

Image by Dragisa Braunovic

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”  

~~William Arthur Ward

Top photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

Bottom photo by Dragisa Braunovic on Unsplashh

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