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Work with Me

Connect with your body.  Expand pleasure and joy.  Experience transformation and healing in your relationship with yourself and others. 


I provide a safe, welcoming place for you to explore your desires, receive nurturing and support, and bring greater intimacy, pleasure and joy into your life.  ​Working with me is kind of like hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach.   We work together to help you build the competencies that leads to self-confidence, so you can live more fully in your body, to create a more pleasure-filled, turned-on life!  

Create your own transformative journey.  Move at the pace of your body ..... explore the deeper needs and issues behind what's holding you back .... release what you no longer need .... identify and reach for what you desire.  

Your journey starts with your intentions:  What do you desire?  What would you like to shift or release?   Based on your intentions, our work together will unfold. Your body will be our primary place of contact, and we will tune in to your inner experience and sensations with curiosity and care.  We'll create your unique practice that is grounded in enthusiastic consent, and includes trauma-informed touch and pleasure-focused healing.  Working in this way allows for shifting of patterns and releasing of long-held constrictions and tension that limit or block pleasure.

  • Online coaching sessions. I recommend starting with three 90-minute sessions.

  • In-person sessions in Nyack, NY.  I recommend starting with three sessions (the first one 3-hours, the next ones 2- or 3-hours), and offer a special rate for a three-session package.

  • Personal retreats.  A series of at three or four sessions with me in Nyack, NY  over two or three days, with space and time in between for savoring and integration.  Experience deep transformation in a remarkably short amount of time.  


Each session begins with a gentle transition into our time together, with grounding or a body scan, and checking in with your body, heart and mind about your intentions for that session.


I offer reparative pricing for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disability community members, with a sliding scale down to 2/3 of my standard rates.   I offer reparative pricing in the hope of encouraging systemic amends to communities who actively experience violence, oppression, and economic disparities.  

Depending on your intentions, you can choose from a variety of body-based inquiries and practices -- possibilities include: exercises around consent, talking about touch, and setting boundaries; breath coaching; client-guided one way touch (from me to you); anatomy and pleasure mapping; or a body poem or inquiry.  Throughout the session, we move at the pace of trust.

After your chosen activities, we take time for savoring in silence, to help your body integrate the experience and deepen the new neural grooves you are creating.

I offer a complimentary 20 minute zoom chat, where you can talk about what's going on for you, and notice if it feels right to work with me.

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Questions?   Check out the FAQs page, or set up a complimentary zoom call to talk about what you want and feel into whether I'm a good fit for you  


Butterfly photo by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash 

Top photo by Barry Carl

Packages and Retreats
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